The Removal of Bone Spurs in the Foot?

Answer A bone spur is a bony growth that forms on top of normal bone in response to chronic stress, pressure or some other irritant. Bone spurs can be painful when they rub against other bones or soft ti... Read More »

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How to Deal With Arthritis and Bone Spurs of the Lumbar Spine?

Living with disk degeneration and fibromyalgia? Here are some tips.

Signs & Symptoms of Spinal Compression From Bone Spurs?

Bone spurs (also called osteophytes) are smooth growths of bone that develop over a long period of time, usually due to degenerative changes in the spine that occur with age. Bones spurs themselves... Read More »

What do bone mass calculations mean on bone density tests?

A bone mass measurement test is the most reliable method for predicting bone fractures and diagnosing osteoporosis, according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation.SignificanceBone mass tests can... Read More »

What is the scientific name for the bone that's connected to the knee bone?

The knee bone, also known as the patella, is directly connected to the tibia, or shin bone. The connection is made by the patellar ligament, which runs from the bottom of the patella to the tibial ... Read More »