What do you do because your iPad 2 orientation has frozen?

Answer Don't worry! Double press the home button and then slide to the right. There should be a circle with an arrow that is going clockwise. If it has a padlock in the centre of it then the orientation i... Read More »

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How to Lock iPad Screen Orientation?

With the release of iOS 4.2, the physical switch which allowed you to freeze the iPad's screen orientation was turned into a less useful mute button. Fortunately, it is possible to lock your screen... Read More »

My screen's orientation is sideways instead of top to bottom. How do I change it back to normal orientation?

Click and hold down both the ALT and CTRL keys at the same time, then use the "ARROW" keypad to rotate the screen.

Your charger is not charging your IPad and it is already turned off but it is charging your friends iPad 2 What might be the problem?

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