What do you do at a quinceanera?

Answer On One Hand: Quinceanera is a Religious CeremonyThe United States Conference of Catholic Bishops says a quinceanera is a "traditional celebration of life and gratitude to God on the occasion of the... Read More »

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What happens at a Quinceanera?

A traditional Hispanic celebration, La Quinceanera recognizes the coming of age of a 15 year old girl. Family, religion and social responsibility are honored through various activities during the e... Read More »

What Do You Give for a Quinceanera?

A quinceanera celebration is an important day in the life of 15-year-old girls in Latin American culture. The 15th birthday marks the end of her childhood and her entrance into young womanhood. Whe... Read More »

What Is a Quinceanera Court?

In Latin American culture, a girl comes of age officially on her 15th birthday. The girl's family typically throws a large party, called a quinceanera, to celebrate the occasion. Many Hispanic fami... Read More »

What is is the name for the Quinceanera dance?

The traditional dance of the Quinceanera is the vals or waltz. Traditionally the girl first dances with her father, then performs with her court. The Quinceanera symbolizes the transition of a girl... Read More »