What do you do after you burn your finger?

Answer cold water is the best/only first aid when you burn yourself - 20 minutes under the tap and no less. NEVER ice OR vinegar OR milk OR butter OR green tea OR mustard OR toothpaste OR sunscreen OR sem... Read More »

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Is it poisonous to have a green mark around your finger after you take a ring off of your finger?

No, its just oxidation from silver or cheap metal. It WONT kill you.

What happens when you burn your finger how do you treat it?

Any first degree burn (reddening of the skin) - put it under cool running water for 10-15 minutes. While you've removed the source of the heat, you also want to cool down the internal cooking - tha... Read More »

What to do if you feel throbbing after you cut your finger?

Why would you start getting a red itchy rash on your finger when you put on your platinum ring after giving birth?

AnswerMisty- Please contact me. I have the SAME exact thing happening to me!! I gave birth in April 2004 and it is now 8 months later and I get a terrible rash with my platinum rings all the time n... Read More »