What do you do about your brother being the golden child?

Answer In many family it seems there is always the favorite child that gets more attention than his/her siblings. This is unfair, but quite normal. Example: If a teen excels in sports and has high grades ... Read More »

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Your brother married a women who had a daughter to another man She had your brother adopt her daughter now they got devoriced Can your brother sign off all rights to this child?

Can your brother's ex girlfriend leave state with his 1st born child n 2nd unborn child if neither has sole custody?

Answer A mother is assumed to have custody. Your brother needs to immediately petition the court for his parental rights. Otherwise, she may leave the State and it will be difficult to get them ... Read More »

If you have a child with a woman and your brother has a child with her sister is that incest?

Can a 21-year-old brother take custody of a child whose father is diseased and lives with a disabled grandmother that has no income in the child's best interests for school behavior and discipline?

Answer If the grandmother has no income, I must wonder by what means she supports herself. If you mean that she is of low income, that should have no real bearing. Many children of poverty-level ... Read More »