What do you crave?

Answer Now I'm craving some Kentucky Fried Chicken with potato wedges!!And, later, some Oreo cookies that I can dunk in milk! I'm afraid to read the other answers because they're going to make me crave mo... Read More »

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What food do you crave?

What makes you crave sweets?

Everyone craves sweets, whether it's every day or once in a while. Those who have regular cravings may have more going on than needing a simple sugar fix.MoodEmotional eaters under a lot of stress ... Read More »

What food do u crave the most... O-O ?

When I'm hangover I usually crave a lot of foods, mostly foods below me vPizza O.o Big Mac, McChicken, Junior Chicken, Egg McMuffins.. I forgot what else, I know I crave a lot on strawberry banana ... Read More »

What do you crave most of the time?