What do you consider to be the most helpful contributions made to Wikipedia?

Answer The contributions made by Wikipedia are easy access to information and specially international and regional historical data very much available. But, please be careful, not everything that you rea... Read More »

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When can IRA contributions be made?

Individuals may contribute to an IRA anytime during the desired contribution year and usually through the April 15 tax deadline of the following year. This rule excludes extensions granted in speci... Read More »

What contributions has Charles Dickens made?

Answer Great Expectations==========================His greatest contributions were in drawing attention to the horrifying and disgusting conditions of poverty in which most of London lived. He also... Read More »

What are some contributions Oprah Winfrey has made?

How to Find Out How Many Contributions You Have Made to wikiHow?

An example.Knowing how many edits you've made on wikiHow is really handy. You need to have a made a certain number to become an Administrator, or New Article Booster. Checking the number of edits y... Read More »