What do you charge for website design?

Answer I am sorry, but your question and details are much too vague to give specific details.For example: • What area of the world will this be designed for, and in. Pricing is different around the ... Read More »

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Is it possible to design a website with e.g. Adobe Illustrator and then use PHP to build over the design?

Well, I would assume that your friend only does a graphical design, not any actual coding. You would have to build and structure the site yourself through HTML and CSS, keeping the design as your r... Read More »

What are a free and easy website to design or create a website?

Have you ever tried this free website builder Mosite a Flash CMS.After Free Sign up, you can create without knowing a line of code, flash websites with effects,animations,sl... Read More »

How much to charge for a website?

My recommendation is break the site down into a well developed proposal.Task 1 = 39 hoursetc.......Once you have established your detailed quote, add it all up at the end. Don't forget to pad by ... Read More »

How much should I charge to make a website?

Charge an hourly rate based on what you would make at your day job. If you normally get paid $15 per hour, then charge your friend $15 per hour and track your time by the minute.If your friend dec... Read More »