What do you call your mother's half-sister?

Answer Aunt or you're half aunt

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What do I call my half-sister's cousin... Half-sister... Step-sister... something else... why?

your half sisters cousin would be your cousin because i have a haldf siter and brother and they call my cousins their cousins but if you don't feel cofable about that just call them your half cousin

What do you call your mothers only sister husbands sister in law and he has no brothers?

No, once you have divorced your ex spouse his family are considered exes as well. However, sometimes especially the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law may have formed a close bond and still remain f... Read More »

When you share mothers but not fathers with your half sister and her fathter got remarried and had two sons does that make them your step brothers once removed or something else?

He is your brother, and you probably don't want him to get into trouble but you need to call the police. This is a sign of becoming Child Molester. And he needs help.

Why do they call it a half brother or sister?

Your half-brothers and half-sisters (half-siblings) are called half because instead of having the same mother and the same father as you, you have only one parent in common. Thus, you have half the... Read More »