What do you call two mobile phones that share the same number and charger and where do I get them?

Answer you call that IMAGINATION... no such thing exist. you can transfer call from one phone to another but not have 2 phones clsharing the same if you want to spy on your girlfriend/boyfriend ... Read More »

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Why do Americans call mobile phones cell phones ?

because thats actually what they are.cell = cellular ..... i work for a phone company and the abbreviation 'ctn' stands for cellular telephone number. basically the mobile phone masts are made up o... Read More »

Why do yanks call mobile phones 'cell' phones.?

"Mobile" has too many letters for them to be able to spell it correctly. If they were to adopt the word "mobile" they'd inevitably either miss out a letter or two, or switch a couple of letters ar... Read More »

How do I Call a Mobile Number in Brazil?

Placing an international call from the United States to a mobile phone number in Brazil requires extra switching through multiple telecom codes. The call must be directed outside of the United Stat... Read More »

How can get call details of any mobile number?