What do you call to your husband's brother?

Answer Your husband's brother is called your brother-in-law. The English language makes no distinction between elder brother, younger brother, etc; all are simply your brothers-in-law.

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Is it okay to date your sisters husbands brother?

If you are close to your step-brother, or to his wife, you can call her your sister-in-law. If you are not close, you can call her your "step-brother's wife."

Is your husbands brother your brother-in-law?

Yes, and your brothers are his brother(s)-in-law His sister's husband would also be considered your brother-in-law (however it would be threw marriage).

What should you call your sisters live in boyfriend. She wants him to be called brother in law but they are not married so can we call him that?

Just tell Her that you miss her and that you want her to come someday ....

Do you have to be married to call your boyfriend's brother your brother-in-law?