What do you call to a woman who adopts a child?

Answer A woman who adopts a child becomes that child's "mother".

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If your wife and you acquired a foster child while married then she adopts it by herself after your divorce can she sue you for child support?

You never agreed to any responsibility regarding that child, you weren't involved in the adoption in any way, and have no parental rights or responsibilities to that child.

If you get married to a man that legally adopts your child and you get divorced does he have to pay child support?

If a man and a woman who are not in a relationship accidentally get pregnant and decide upon adoption but the woman last minute decides to keep the child is the father still responsible for child supp?

Answer He can be if she goes to court and names him in a paternity suit.

Does your amount of child support go down if he adopts other children?

If a non-custodial parent has a child support obligation, it may be reduced if he or she has an additional child, either naturally or through adoption. Expenses and other children, adopted and natu... Read More »