What do you call those pictures that are made out of symbols from your keyboard?

Answer It's ASCII art.There are MANY different images you can make. See the link below!,____,// '`

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Can you make pictures with keyboard symbols?

How Do I Get More Symbols From the Keyboard?

When you need symbols that are not readily available from a key on the keyboard, use what are known as a ALT codes. This is a code typed on the keyboard that produces a specific symbol on the scree... Read More »

How do u make symbols from the keyboard ?

That's what I wanna know...I'm still figuring out my laptop..EDIT.Here's a website [under source] I found under someone else's question that was asked a while ago. =] It has the stars and skulls an... Read More »

What do you call those beds that fold into a wardrobe?

It's called a "Murphy Bed", after the Murphy Folding Bed Company in Chicago a hundred years ago. They're still made.