What do you call those major internet stations where all providers route traffic?

Answer Data processors. More information can be found here in detail describing who works on them and what they do here as well http://www.thefreedi... Read More »

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Internet security and free providers v's bought providers?

If you want free then I recommend Avast , superantispyware and Malwarebytes. coupled with Comodo firewall They are all free for personal use . It is safe to use two anti-spy products but never us... Read More »

Is there a website where I can view phone/Internet providers for my local area?

Cox Atlanta2-46 Martin Luther King Jr Dr SEAtlanta, GA 30334 (877) 836-0990

If I have a train ticket between two stations, can I get off and on again between those two stations?

If your ticket mentions a specific train then no, if you've brought a off-peak ticket and your fragmented journey causes you to join a peak time train then your ticket will not be valid. If you lea... Read More »

What percentage of Internet service providers use 802.11b?

No Internet service providers use 802.11b wireless Internet. The 802.11b WiFi standard is used for creating wireless networks. Although you can use 802.11b to share an Internet connection, the conn... Read More »