What do you call those card that have stretchy bands to pull the case?

Answer No, Your Insurance contract gives the Insurance company the right to settle or defend whichever is cheaper. If the insured property owner interferes with the companies decisions you could forfeit ... Read More »

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List your top two favorite bands and then switch the lead singers. How do you think those bands would sound?

Nightwish and...oh, I don't know, Leaves' Eyes, let's say.I actually think Liv might be quite good at the older Nightwish songs, since she has great range, but the newer ones with'd be ... Read More »

What do you call those beds that fold into a wardrobe?

It's called a "Murphy Bed", after the Murphy Folding Bed Company in Chicago a hundred years ago. They're still made.

What do you call those pictures that are made out of symbols from your keyboard?

It's ASCII art.There are MANY different images you can make. See the link below!,____,// '`

What is the name of those things that you hang on the wall that are around 5 x 4 feet, have a picture on them?