What do you call the spreading of seeds from flowers?

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What do you call the spreading of seeds from the original plant?

The spreading of seed is referenced as shattering in grasses but dispersing is a general term for the spreading of seed. There are thousands of ways that seeds are dispersed by different species.

Where do seeds from flowers come from?

Flowers are the reproductive parts of a plant. They contain both male and female organs, and after pollination and fertilization, produce seeds. Seeds have the genetic material as well as enough st... Read More »

How do seeds turn into flowers?

Nearly all plants grow from seeds. Seeds come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Even if they are very tiny, seeds contain almost all that's needed to form a new plant.Plant EmbryoSeeds... Read More »

How do i get seeds from impatiens flowers?

IdentificationLocate the seedpod on the impatiens. The seedpod is positioned at the base of the flower petals on each bloom. Wait until a bloom has died and the seedpod has matured to harvest. A ma... Read More »