What do you call the light that a steamer must show at night?

Answer The International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea require a number of different lights, depending on the size and operational status of a vessel. Requirements for night lighting ca... Read More »

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If a call a business, and they transfer my call to another number, does my caller ID still show up?

I transfer my calls to my VoIP line and it transfers the call to my cell phone. I get the original CID sent to my cell. In your far-fetched example, they wouldn't transfer your call to Burger Kin... Read More »

What Saturday night live alumni and future Oscar night host was jay leno's first guest when he took over the tonight show on may 25 1992?

On the tv show The Nanny Fran watched which late night talk show host dog?

What queen of pop swore thirteen times during a late night interview causing the episode to become the most censored show in talk-show history?