What do you call the face of a watch?

Answer The face of a watch is called a dial. The word can also be used to refer to the faces of other timepieces, such as clocks and sundials. Dials can also include other surfaces with pointers that trac... Read More »

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What do you call the face of a watch that turns?

There are a couple of names for moving parts on the face of the watch. One that pivots around the watch stem is called a rotating face. A ring that turns around the face of the watch, such as those... Read More »

Which is bettera face-to-face conversation or a phone call?

Depends on the issue being discussed. If it's really serious, I like to talk face to face. Little nuances can be mistaken and eye contact is key. For lighter subjects I prefer the need to... Read More »

How to Get Moisture Out of a Watch Face?

Your buddies pushed you into the pool with your favorite watch still strapped to your wrist. Now there is moisture under the face. The water may evaporate on its own, but you may want to help it al... Read More »

How to Protect a New Watch Face?

The most beautiful and expressive part of any watch is the face. But if not taken care of properly, your new watch face can get scratched, dented, or chipped very easily. Here's some tips to make s... Read More »