What do you call the cover for a comforter?

Answer You can call it a comforter cover or a duvet cover, because duvet is another name for comforter. Duvet covers are useful in more than one way. Not only do they help keep comforters clean, they prov... Read More »

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Can you cover a comforter with a duvet cover?

A duvet cover is a comforter cover. In the French language, the word duvet is French for the word down. Duvet covers slip over and enclose comforters to protect comforters from dirt and oils. In pa... Read More »

What's the difference between a comforter set and a duvet cover?

Duvert cover is a misnomer. A duvet is a comforter cover. A comforter is a the puffy warm part blanket. A duvet is what you put your comforter in to get a new look without buying a new comforter. I... Read More »

Should a duvet cover be the same size as the comforter?

On One Hand: Size Match If Buying From the Same ManufacturerPurchasing a duvet cover from the same manufacturer as your comforter will be size appropriate. Sizing is the same for duvet covers as th... Read More »

How to Get Red Mud Out of a Comforter?

Red mud doesn't wash out of fabric as easily as many other types of dirt. Getting the stain out of a comforter is even more difficult, as large comforters are not as easy to launder as clothing. Tr... Read More »