What do you call someone who eats fish and chicken but NO other meats?

Answer Hi again! Here's the answer: A perscetarian. Fish are very healthy, especially in Omega-3s, which makes your hair shine and skin glow. I suggest you do not not become a pollotarian, as chicken is b... Read More »

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Fish or chicken, chicken or fish, what other meats are heart healthy?

Most all meats can actually be healthy, even from small game that has been hunted in the wild and well-cleaned and cooked over a fire. But modern Man has largely lost that once essential survival t... Read More »

What do you call someone who does not eat meat but eats fish?


In business does the big fish always eats the little fish ?

no google doesnt need to do that its already the most popular by far, there would be no point, but yes i would say in business the big fish eats the little fish most of the time, and panos you seem... Read More »

What fish eats seaweed?

First-level consumer fish, a category of fish in the ecological system, feed on seaweed. These fish are defined as such by their small size. Examples of organisms in this category include beta fish... Read More »