What do you call someone that doesnt drink any alcohol?

Answer sensible

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If I drink alcohol and that makes me a alcoholic, if I drink fanta, does that make me fantastic?

That was an awesome question, dude. You put a smile on my face. Just what I needed! *chuckle*

Is it okay for someone to drink alcohol when taking insulin?

Probably not. But most of us have a little nip now and then anyway. As long as everything is well under control, I don't have a problem with a little glass of wine occasionally.

Is there a certain name to call someone who doesn't drink soda?

What is the best alcohol to drink before work One that won't give me the mid-day blahs once it wears off?

Vodka+CoffeeAs you already know, light makes you fight! I know vodka gets me all riled up. Where the hell have you been girl??