What are the major landforms for the country Chad?

Answer The African country Chad is divided into three main zones -- the dry Sahara Desert in the north, a tropical region to the south and a savannah area, the Sahel, between the two. Other landforms incl... Read More »

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What is the unemployment rate of the country Chad?

The government for Chad, as of 2010, has not gathered or released the unemployment rate among its citizens. Many governments are unable to assess this sort of data due to lack of communication and ... Read More »

Why is it ok to call skinny people (+natural ones) 'sticks/skeletons' and not to call all fat people 'whales'?

Hmm interesting question.. I completely agree with you though.People always call me a twig and a stick and i just feel like calling them a fatass but i cant :/ Its because being skinny is considere... Read More »

How many people speak French in Chad?

Chad is a former French colony, and French is one of the country's official languages. Only about five percent of the population, however, are fluent French speakers. Most people speak Arabic or on... Read More »

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