What do you call it when a fat woman has a belly that hangs low between her legs?

Answer its called a FUPA duh.... the Fat Under Pu$$y Area

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Our secretary has now gained just enough weight that her belly hangs out the bottom of all her tee shirts?

You are obviously paying her too much, if she can afford such a weight gain. "Work" her "harder" for a couple of weeks, and if that doesn't do the trick, fire the biznitch!

What is a woman's dress that hangs straight from the shoulders called?

A shift dress or shift is a dress with a loose shape that hangs straight down from the shoulders. The dress is typically sleeveless and is not cinched around the waist.Source:My Sugar Vintage: Glos... Read More »

What does the doctor do to get the baby out of the belly of a woman?

Is a woman's belly button conncted to her vagina?

yr mum was not completely honest with you.Unless you consider the biggest organ in the human body (it's the skin silly, not what you thought).Then yep, the skin connects the vagina, to the belly bu... Read More »