What do you call it when a fat woman has a belly that hangs low between her legs?

Answer its called a FUPA duh.... the Fat Under Pu$$y Area

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Our secretary has now gained just enough weight that her belly hangs out the bottom of all her tee shirts?

You are obviously paying her too much, if she can afford such a weight gain. "Work" her "harder" for a couple of weeks, and if that doesn't do the trick, fire the biznitch!

Is their any internal connection between belly button and cervix of a woman so that if sperm is ejaculated inside navel lead to pregnancy?

Does anyone keep getting calls from an 866-746-8640 # that hangs up when you pick up?

This happened to me some time last year...sounds like the same situation....but this toll free number kept calling me....and i mean every freaking day at least 4 or 5 times a day..finally i got tir... Read More »

How do you get that space or gap between your legs?

Well, I would suggest keeping that space closed, or you'll soon be in the pregnancy section asking the YA community "Am I pregnant"