What do you call hot chocolate that has gone cold?

Answer chocolate milk.... or yoohoo

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What do we call a place that is neither hot or cold?

A temperate climate occurs in a place that has moderate temperatures and shifts in weather patterns. In these locations, expect the temperature to stay pleasant and average for most of the year.Sou... Read More »

I have a cold sore that Needs to be gone by Thursday PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!?

Go to a drug store and tell them you would like to order a product called Curasore. It will get rid of the sore faster than anything else, but I'm not sure about Thursday.

Besides Soup & Hot Chocolate what food/drink that you like to have a cold/winter day?

Warm milk,warm green tea ...sometimes I mix yogurt in water,mix it and put it in the refrigerator and drink it icy cold.If I have banana... I blend it in the blender.Mix it in milk and put in the r... Read More »

I caught a cold...Can I work out anyway or should I rest until the cold is gone?

You should ease off on the exercise until your cold is gone. But you can knock out that cold pretty quick by eating chewable vitamin C tablets. They taste delicious, and you should be able to get... Read More »