What do you call hot chocolate that has gone cold?

Answer chocolate milk.... or yoohoo

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Can i make a cold chocolate drink from cadbury drinking chocolate?

It would be drinkable, but it might not be very nice; it could be difficult to mix into cold milk. Of course, you could make it hot and wait for it to cool...

Besides Soup & Hot Chocolate what food/drink that you like to have a cold/winter day?

Warm milk,warm green tea ...sometimes I mix yogurt in water,mix it and put it in the refrigerator and drink it icy cold.If I have banana... I blend it in the blender.Mix it in milk and put in the r... Read More »

Best solution for keeping chocolate milk cold for school lunch?

The little ice packs really do work. plop one in the insulated bag, and put the milk in the thermos.I usually stored my rugrat's empty thermos in the freezer overnight.

How to Cold Call Effectively?

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