Where in the USA can I buy horse meat?

Answer Although US changed laws about that, there may be few butcherers that deal in horse meat.I agree with the poster who suggested calling around to your local butchers first. If horse meat is availab... Read More »

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Why do some people call themselves vegetarian and eat meat?

Sometimes I wonder if it's just people trying to get some attention. Or maybe they truly do try to avoid meat but sometimes have to give in. I wouldn't exactly know because I've been vegetarian my ... Read More »

What do you call someone who does not eat meat but eats fish?


What do you call a horse manicurist?

A horse's hooves are made of the same type of tissue as human fingernails, and they require trimming, shaping and shoeing from a trained professional in order to prevent the hooves from becoming da... Read More »

What do you call it when you put the gear on a horse?

Putting gear on a horse is called "tacking up," since the gear is also known as tack. The process includes putting the saddle blanket and saddle on the back of the horse, and then putting the bridl... Read More »