Do pediatricians deliver babies?

Answer Obstetricians are the doctors that care for pregnant women and deliver their babies. After the baby is born, a pediatrician is in charge of his care. A hospital pediatrician typically attends the b... Read More »

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What degree do you need to deliver babies?

You need a BSN to help deliver babies. An RN with an Associates Degree won't let you, but a Bachelors degree (BSN) will.

Do doctors really spank babies right after they are born?

Not anymore. The possible dangers from the slap on their fragile forms far outweigh any benefits. Instead, they suction the mouths and the babies start breathing soon as the airway is clear.-actual... Read More »

How do doctors detect what newborn babies are allergic to?

A doctor would have to draw a small sample of blood and test it.

How do eye doctors know the correct prescription for corrective lenses for babies who need glasses?

The Dr. can shine a light in the eye, the instument used is called a retinoscope. They can tell what power the child needs by the way the light reflects off the retina and bounce back out with a sp... Read More »