What do you call a vegitarian who will occasionally eat poultry and fish?

Answer An omnivore.

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Iam a vegitarian for years now and acedenty ate fish help!!!!!?

How do you accidentally eat a fish? Did you open your mouth and it jumped in?

Please suggest some low fat protein alternatives to meat, poultry, fish, cheese, nuts and seeds or tofu.?

Wow! You got a lot of answers! Some are a little weird. :) If quick protien is all you want here you go; Special K2O protien water. 30 calories, NO fat, 5g fiber and 5g protien. You can buy it in... Read More »

Will a vegitarian get sick if they eat meat?

It is unlikely that you would "become ill." If you accidentally consume a bit of meat, you probably would not get sick. If you ate an entire steak, there is a strong possibility that you would su... Read More »

How long will poultry keep in the refrigerator?

about 1-2 days. Poultry is very susceptible to bacteria growth, even in refrigeration, and should not be eaten after that amount of time.