What do you call a vegetarian who doesn't consume milk eggs and cheese etc?

Answer You'd be a strict vegetarian(or just vegetarian)...if you don't eat honey,and don't wear leather,fur,etc and don't use cosmetics,etc with animal products then you'd be a vegan.

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Becoming a vegetarian can I still eat SMALL portions of fish, milk and eggs?

Most vegetarians continue to eat both eggs and dairy products. No vegetarian eats fish, in any amount.

Garlic Bread with Cheese French Fries with Cheese Or Eggs with Cheese Which from this list do u like->?

Hi Scooter, um, I like garlic bread, but more with Olive oil drizzled onSweet tater fries, yummy, chees on the side though. Honey dip is a good thing.Eggs yes, with melty cheese, pepper jack please.

Hamburger with Cheese Hot Dog with Cheese Or Eggs with Cheese Which would you prefer more?

Hamburger with Cheese sounds pretty good!haha, that makes me think of my stepdad. I always order a hamburger with cheese and he always orders a cheeseburger with no cheese. lol

Is there vegetarian paleo recipes I can consume regularly?

I believe there are many paleo recipes, even for a vegetarian like you. Just try search on 'paleo recipe for vegetarian' then choose yourself ones that interesting, OK?