What do you call a television remote?

Answer I call it the 'zapper'

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What do you call a television without a remote control?

I'd say its still called a television! Televisions came out for a long time without remotes. Now you can get universal remotes to suit all TVs.

OKI Television remote. Does anyone know the key code to make the sky remote work the television?

press the intractive button ur remote.. then go to remote setup.. and that will have all the TV list names and the codes... if it aint there then it refers you to the sky customer service.. but che... Read More »

Where can you find television remote codes for a vidao television?

follow the instructions for searching for a code of an unknown brand. after about 40 channel ups, it changes the vidao tv channel, then you save that. cant tell you what number it is tho.

How do you make a television remote transfer to another television?