What do you call a small tree?

Answer a sapling

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Ideas for a small ornamental tree for a small front yard?

wisteriadont know how cold it is where u are... but it does quite well here (pacific northwest)

What do small tree finches eat?

Tree-finches, also known as Darwin's finches, live on the Galapagos Islands. They pick up insects with their curved bills and have the ability to bite through the bark of twigs. During the dry seas... Read More »

How to Fell a Small Tree with a Hammer?

A small tree can easily be felled with a hammer. Read on to learn how; if you correctly follow these steps, the tree should come falling down.

How to Make a Small Tree Using ChallengeYou?

Using ChallengeYou you can create virtual worlds for free, but maybe you would like to add a small tree to your world to make it seem less empty.