What do you call a plant you can use to cook with?

Answer In the case of herbs, they are often referred to as culinary herbs. In the case of plants for food, you hear edible; crops; comestible.

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A plant you can use to cook with?

How to Cook With the Aloe Vera Plant?

Aloe vera is a popular houseplant and medicinal herb. Many people drink aloe vera juice or use it in smoothies or fruit desserts. It is also possible, though, to cook aloe vera. It is popular in As... Read More »

What did James Cook call the Hawaiian Islands?

British explorer Captain James Cook landed on the islands of Hawaii in 1778. He gave them the name "The Sandwich Islands"" Cook died in Hawaii in 1779 in an ill-fated attempt to resolve the theft o... Read More »

If a tomato plant is infected with the mosaic virus can the seeds from that plant be used to plant new plants in following years or will the virus go with it.?

No, the seeds are sometimes affected and there is no way of telling which ones they are until too late. Some viruses can be controlled on seeds by a process of fermentation, but this doesn't appear... Read More »