What do you call a picture that was taken with an infrared camera?

Answer It is called a Thermogram, or a Thermal Image

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What is a picture taken by an infrared camera called?

When a picture is taken indoors with your canon g9 camera the bottom corner is dark what can be done to correct this problem?

Why a picture taken with a canon 40d digital camera want print in a p-400 Olympus printer?

There is a satelite positioned in the sky which sends the signals the are received by the decoder through an antena (Dish and LNB) This signal is collected by the dish and which reflects it to a fo... Read More »

You have pics taken with Nikon D40 camera would like to know where a particular pic was taken with it?

D40 does not have a GPS in it so it does not include location meta-data. You have to put all the location data manually on the computer. The good news though is that you can get external GPS that w... Read More »