What do you call a person who studies fossils?

Answer Paleontologists are scientists who study fossils. Paleontologists have various specialties, including the study of vertebrate, invertebrate and single-celled organism fossils as well as evolutionar... Read More »

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What do you call a person who studies flowers?

A person who studies flowers and flowering plants is called a botanist. More specifically, the word "botanist" describes anyone who studies plants or plant life. This includes everything from ferns... Read More »

What is a scientist who studies fossils called?

A paleontologist studies fossils, which are parts of past life forms that have been preserved, typically in stone. He tries to reconstruct the history of life on Earth, but does not typically study... Read More »

What do you call imprint fossils?

According to the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, imprint fossils are termed "trace fossils" because they are the traces that an animal leaves behind. They can tell you things that regular fo... Read More »

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