What do you call a person who says they are not like something but actually are?

Answer If a person acts contrarily to their beliefs then they are a hypocrite. If a person says they are not something when they actually are then they are clueless, delusional or in denial.Source:Hypocrite

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I call someone, it says person unavailablewat that mean?

He could have changed his number, not paid a bill, his voice mail could be full (some companies play that message for this), he could have temporarily terminated his service, or you could just talk... Read More »

If a person won 55 million dollars in Calif lottry how would they actually take home?

You get around half if you want the payout. Then the federal government takes taxes out of that. You could be in the 20 million range, after taxes.

Did Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap ever see what the person he leaped into actually look like in the episode he was the vampire in 1975?

Not in the actual episode- but the previous episode shows the vampire in the waiting room after he leaps there in the future.

Does a root canal hurt like everyone says what meds do they give you?

A root canal treatment can be done painlessly in 99% of the time. Unless you are in terrible pain when you come in, the dentist has many ways to get you numb nowadays.As for medications, after revi... Read More »