How to Call the United States From Denmark?

Answer Direct-dialing from Denmark to the United States will hurt your pocketbook. Take steps to cut your costs by using calling cards or VoIP protocol programs to place the call. If you must dial direct,... Read More »

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Is it true that if you touch *66 after an annoying phone call the person calling can never call you again?

no!! not true!*66 Busy Call Return.......... that what *66 is used for....

Pending as my delievery message for texts and automatic call ended when trying to text/ call this one person..?

It sounds like they have blocked your number. Use somebody else's phone to contact them or try calling on withheld, put #31# before you dial their number

What do you call a Disease that can be passed from Person to person?

A disease is a pathological condition of the body that presents a group of clinical signs and symptoms and laboratory findings peculiar to it and that sets the condition apart as an abnormal entity... Read More »

What do you call a person who says they are not like something but actually are?

If a person acts contrarily to their beliefs then they are a hypocrite. If a person says they are not something when they actually are then they are clueless, delusional or in denial.Source:Hypocrite