What do you call a part that helps your remote see the unit that is around a corner?

Answer Answer Your best bet is to go to the Quasar web site and look up the codes for your model and plug them into the remote. If that doesn't work, chances are the remote is not compatible with your se... Read More »

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What do you call a piece of crud stuck in the corner of your eye, is it called "spluge"?

No its not called spluge its splooge though they do taste similar

Who produced the song Ryder Part 2 for G-Unit?

Rick Rock produced the song "Rider Part 2" for G-Unit, according to a July 2008 article for MSNBC. The song, "featuring a chorus that's perfectly hard-edged for East Coast radio," appears on the al... Read More »

Do you call a remote control a remote or a clicker?

REMOTE!!!!!!!!!!!! Clicker! NO! Defenitaly Remote! :)I strongly disagree because us Mainer's call it the Clicka not the clicker or the remote control of even the fridge.

You have an omni television and have lost the book for it you accidentally hit something on the remote and now all you have is a blue screen with a padlock in the left hand top corner?