What do you call a new born baby sheep?

Answer a lamb

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Are all black sheep male?

Black sheep can be either male or female. Some breeds that are completely black include the Blackheaded Persian, raised in the U.S. mostly for trophy hunting, and the Black Welsh Mountain, which is... Read More »

Can a male goat&female sheep reproduce?

Just as a donkey and a horse can produce a mule if they mate, a male goat and a female sheep can produce what has been termed a "geep" if they mate. In February 2008, the Daily Mail reported that a... Read More »

What do u call a male lady bird?

They are all called ladybirds, lol. They are said to have got the name from their red colour in the time when the Virgin Mary was depicted wearing a red cloak rather than the blue one she commonly ... Read More »

What is a male/male headphone cable used for.?

This is a common audio connection lead, and goes between any 2 stereo sockets of the same size.Short leads are called patch leads, designed to connect devices which are near to each other, so you d... Read More »