What do you call a horse manicurist?

Answer A horse's hooves are made of the same type of tissue as human fingernails, and they require trimming, shaping and shoeing from a trained professional in order to prevent the hooves from becoming da... Read More »

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What is a horse manicurist called?

A farrier trims the hooves of horses and puts metal shoes on them regularly. They nail the shoes onto the horse's hoof, but the horse does not feel anything because the walls of its hooves are like... Read More »

What is another name for a horse manicurist?

A horse "manicurist" is called a farrier. Horse hooves grow continuously, much like a person's fingernails. A farrier trims the horse's hooves to keep them at a healthy, even length. He can also pu... Read More »

What do you call it when you put the gear on a horse?

Putting gear on a horse is called "tacking up," since the gear is also known as tack. The process includes putting the saddle blanket and saddle on the back of the horse, and then putting the bridl... Read More »

Manicurist Requirements?

Manicurists specialize in the treatment of the fingernails, and often work in beauty salons or at spas. Many manicurists are self-employed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and wor... Read More »