What do you call a female pub worker?

Answer A barmaid.

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Are worker bees male or female?

All worker bees are female. Worker bees have stingers and either care for larvae or collect pollen to make honey. A hive contains 3 types of bees, a queen bee, female worker bees and male drone bee... Read More »

What is the name of the BBC senior female worker who took five years maternity leave?

What do you call a female in the coast guard?

Civilian, Mrs. Jane DoeIn the Coast Guard as a;E2-E3 Seaman, or Fireman DoeE4-E6 Petty Officer DoeE7 Chief DoeE8 Senior Chief DoeE9 Master Chief DoeAs a Officer Ma'am, until she reaches O5 (CDR) t... Read More »

What do you call that strip of hair between the female bellybutton&pubic area?

Many females as well as males have a vertical strip of abdominal hair between their bellybuttons and pubic areas. This pattern abdominal hair is called sagittal, and is sometimes informally known a... Read More »