What do you call a female pub worker?

Answer A barmaid.

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What is the name of the BBC senior female worker who took five years maternity leave?

Are worker bees male or female?

All worker bees are female. Worker bees have stingers and either care for larvae or collect pollen to make honey. A hive contains 3 types of bees, a queen bee, female worker bees and male drone bee... Read More »

What do you call a female in the coast guard?

Civilian, Mrs. Jane DoeIn the Coast Guard as a;E2-E3 Seaman, or Fireman DoeE4-E6 Petty Officer DoeE7 Chief DoeE8 Senior Chief DoeE9 Master Chief DoeAs a Officer Ma'am, until she reaches O5 (CDR) t... Read More »

What do you call that strip of hair between the female bellybutton&pubic area?

Many females as well as males have a vertical strip of abdominal hair between their bellybuttons and pubic areas. This pattern abdominal hair is called sagittal, and is sometimes informally known a... Read More »