Black Bear Male to Female Comparisons?

Answer A curious and intelligent creature, the American black bear in the wild fascinates many people. Unless a human has encroached on their habitat, black bears tend to keep to themselves. Solitary anim... Read More »

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What do you call a bear skeleton?

Unlike the skeletons of some other animals, there is no special word for a bear's skeleton. When referring to the skeletal structure of a bear, you can simply use the term, "bear skeleton."Source:T... Read More »

What do you call a polar bear with headphones on?

Have you ever received a call from Tedd E. Bear (727) 835-0222?

i got one yesterday i blocked my number and got a recording saying that number doesnt accept restricted calls im going to call from a pay phone my guess is its either a collection call or some b... Read More »

In the book 'The Indian In the Cupboard' why does Little Bear scornfully call Omri a woman?

Probably because he cooks food for him- only women did that back in Little Bear's time.