What is the name of a baby swan?

Answer Baby swans are called cygnets, which vary in color from gray to white, depending on species. Cygnets gain their white feathers as they grow up. Between five and 10 swan eggs hatch during each matin... Read More »

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What is the proper name for a baby swan?

The proper name for a baby swan is cygnet, pronounced sig-nit. This word originates from the Middle English word cignet, which is from the Anglo-Norman diminutive of the Old French word cygne, mean... Read More »

What can you call a baby?

Honey, sweety, cutie pie, my little angel, sweetheart, newborn. :3

What do you call a baby chimpanzee?

Officially, the term "chimpanzee" applies to all ages and stages of life of the animal. Colloquially, the term "chimp" or "baby chimp" may be applied. According to, the term "chimp" ... Read More »

What do you call a baby lion?

A female lion will give birth to between one and five baby lions every two years. These baby lions are referred to as cubs, and will nurse from their mother for approximately six months.Source:Smit... Read More »