What do you call a baby chimpanzee?

Answer Officially, the term "chimpanzee" applies to all ages and stages of life of the animal. Colloquially, the term "chimp" or "baby chimp" may be applied. According to, the term "chimp" ... Read More »

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How many baby chimpanzee is born?

Answer You should have thought about the insurance before you got her pregnant. You'll have to apply for it. I do believe there is also Blue Cross which is extended medical. Do your homework on th... Read More »

What can you call a baby?

Honey, sweety, cutie pie, my little angel, sweetheart, newborn. :3

What are we going to call our baby?

What do you call a baby zebra?

Baby zebras are called foals or colts. Healthy zebras breed every 18 to 24 months. In captivity, the time in between breeding is extended by several months. Births usually occur between July and Au... Read More »