Mine doesn't look like a beaver or a cat, or any other woodland creature, so why do you call it those names?

Answer You obviously haven't extended your field of research to the eastern bloc countries. Back in 1350 the Romanian poet Vlad Basarab first coined the term "hairy animal" or "din păr de animale" in his... Read More »

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What is the name of a baby beaver?

Baby beavers are known as kits. At birth, they weigh approximately 9 to 21 ounces and they can swim within 24 hours. Although they are not heavy enough to dive for several days, they can float alon... Read More »

Who played the Beaver in the 1997 movie release of"Leave it to Beaver"?

In the 1997 movie remake of the classic 1950s television show "Leave It to Beaver", the title character of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver was played by Cameron Finley. The movie was directed by Andy Cad... Read More »

How long will a beaver tick live on a beaver?

The beaver tick, Ixodes banski, preys selectively on beavers and muskrats. Like other members of the Ixodes genus, an adult beaver tick will engorge itself on its host's blood, expanding its cell v... Read More »

What are we going to call our baby?