What do you bring to lunch everyday?

Answer Dude, pizza. Never dies.

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What do people bring to lunch everyday to school?

I will make enough dinner the night before so that I can bring left overs the next day, I also like to buy fresh pasta like ravioli or tortellini and cook a portion, let it cool, mix it with my fav... Read More »

Do you pack lunch to work or you eat out everyday?

Pack a lunch. It saves a lot of money and you can control what you eat...

Is it ok to eat salads everyday for lunch and dinner..?

Absolutely! What's important is a healthy, balanced diet with all of the proper nutrients and enough calories to sustain you. However you wish to eat them is up to you.

Should i bring lunch or buy it?

Buy your lunch.. you dont want to be called paper sack patty..or lunch box lucy.