What do you believe the best age is to send your child into childcare?

Answer To tell you the truth, I'd keep them home and then send them to preschool when they're about 3, or earlier or later depending on your situation/preference. I'd enjoy that time you have with your ki... Read More »

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What childcare requirements does a child need with down syndrome?

Answer Chances of pregnancy Bleeding briefly after sex probably means that some tissue was torn -- it can be quite harmless. If it was brief it probably wasn't your period. If you don't have a nor... Read More »

The Disadvantages of Leaving Your Child in Childcare?

One of the decisions parents need to make after having a child is whether both parents will go back to work or if one parent will stay home to take care of the baby. Many parents change their minds... Read More »

How do you find childcare for a special needs child?

What is the child to adult ratio for childcare in Virginia?