What do you all think would be a good name for a vegan community domain?

Answer WORLD WIDE VEGor WORLD WISE WEB:-DAs you say - better leave meat, murder... as well as vegan, vegetarian etc. out of the name. I like EARTHLINGS - if it is allowed to be used (regarding the fact t... Read More »

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What do you think would be a good name for a gluten free beer?

As a person with a gluten allergy/celiac, this is an exciting question- I would name the beer anything that had to do with 'celebrating'.. there are gluten-free beers out in link below..... Read More »

Would Herman be a good name for my baby I have 56 cats named Herman already, so I think it's a good fit?

Due for what on March 20th? Commitment to a mental institution? It's a serious health threat to bring an infant into a home overrun by 56 cats. Is it safe to assume that you recognize that you a... Read More »

Do you think that "The Nolte" would be a good nickname for my Baby (his name is Nick)?

Hells yeah, and if you're lucky, he'll grow up to be at least HALF as smokin' hawt as yours truly!*hiccup*

Hi there what is a good website to use to buy a domain name, email, web hosting etc - nothing too complex?

I use HostMonster..HostMonster offers the absolute best value for web hosting available today. They have the best combination of features, reliability, speed, and price, as well as the ability to c... Read More »