What do you all think of the forum StormFront?

Answer Wow, this is a major coincidence as I am currently browsing the forum. My opinion, I don't like this forum at all and many of the people that posts on this forum are ignorant, racist and rude. Firs... Read More »

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What age is this forum for?

What happened to katz forum?

I read it was being hacked and they are working to fix it check this article out…

What type of forum should I make?

It should be in first place a theme you know about or have no problems to get the information needed to participate giving tips to those who require information on your forum. You should also be ab... Read More »

What can i do about ignorant forum authorities?

First, this is way off-topic.But in any case their sandbox, their rules.If you don't like it, you don't have to play there. And you are free to create your own.