What do you add in a science project conclusion?

Answer A science fair project conclusion states whether the results support or disprove your hypothesis and discusses the relationship between the independent and dependent variables. Conclusions often in... Read More »

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What does conclusion mean in a science project?

The conclusion of a science project means what can be inferred from the results of the experiment. For example, if an experiment's results showed that plants receiving less water did not grow as ta... Read More »

Are the conclusion&results the same in a science project?

In a science project, the results and conclusions sections present different information. The results section summarizes and analyzes data from the experiment using tables, graphs and mathematical ... Read More »

Conclusion of project on first aid?

As the concluding part of this project, I would like to say that-- "Without proper action at proper time ,danger awaits us with a bigger face."We must act on time when a person is injured. We must ... Read More »

How to Write a Good Lab Conclusion in Science?

Working on a science report for school can be difficult. Here's a guide to help you get through it.