What do you MUST eat everyday?

Answer Well you can live longer without food then you can water...but I must eat at least one type of veggie, I usually eat lots and lots but at least one..right now I am eating carrots and ranch dressing... Read More »

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I turn my computer on everyday and everyday i have to sign onto every acct?

if you had ccleaner they have an option to keep cookies that means when you sign in to facebook or yahoo or any other they will keep them and you wont have to sign in all the time so if you get it... Read More »

Is it bad that I nap everyday?

The only thing your doing wrong is worrying. At your age, you need sleep. If you said your sleeping more than 10 hours a day, I would be a little concerned. Not worried, but just a little concerned... Read More »

Should you jog everyday or every other day?

Hey,I wouldn't run every day at all. First thing to say is that cardio isn't the best way to lose weight. It’s amazing how people STILL think this and after a few months complain why they don't l... Read More »

How to Get Over Someone You Have to See Everyday?

You recently broke up with your co-worker or that guy/girl in your class that you have to see and deal with everyday for years? This might help you!!