What do yellow spots on my houseplants mean?

Answer Yellow spots on a houseplant are the warning sign of a number of common growing problems. Easy environmental and care changes can reinvigorate a plant with yellow spots into a healthy resilient ho... Read More »

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What does it mean when a plant has yellow spots on it?

This might be the plants reaction to something in the water you're giving it, you might need to change how frequently you water it, or you might need to change the lighting you're giving it. This c... Read More »

Yellow spots on car. What are they.?

What causes Red spots with yellow pus?

I'm taking this from the top of my head and experience: It's probably because of the gas; it happens with coke and sprite and those kinds of drinks. You will drink, and after a while you might burp... Read More »

What Can Cause My Squash Leaves to Yellow or Have White Raised Spots on Their Stems?

Summer and winter squash plants share much in the way of growing conditions, care and diseases. Yellow leaves or leaf stems afflicted with bumpy white spots indicate something is wrong with your pl... Read More »